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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick sneak

I'm playing around with the new Google Chrome and I thought, "Heck, if I had the time to fiddle around with a new browser, I should be able to update my blog."

So, this is not an update about any latest happenings, although a lot of things had happened since I last wrote.

This has been an eventful year so far, where teaching is concerned. I have new responsibilities, which I take on with equal parts of enthusiasm and trepidation. I don't know if I have gotten myself into a minefield. But I choose to stay positive and think of the big picture - which is as long as I feel I'm still making meaningful contributions to my students and my own self-development, then I can't be that wrong.

My daughter had just had her e-learning day where she stayed at home, logged in to the computer at 7.45am, did her assignments that were posted online, and even dutifully took her temperature and reported to her teacher with a few clicks on the mouse. And she's only in primary 4! We have certainly come a long way in education!

OK, this is just a quick sneak to my blog before I hit the sack and get enough rest for a week of frenzied exam marking. Looks like no matter what position you hold in the school, the marking will never ease. I'll still be carrying red pens in all my handbags, and seeking new quiet cafes to settle down with my scripts.

Note to myself: The happiest teachers I have been seeing around school are the relief and adjunct teachers. They say it's because all they do is teach, without the stifling admin work and meetings that the rest of us teachers get. I shall remember this when I plan my next career change.


At 5:27 PM, Anonymous chlorine said...

I can certainly identify with the red pens... have them in my bag all the time too!

4 very dedicated and passionate ex-colleagues of mine left the teaching service this year. A couple of them are veterans to the line but decided to leave in order to spend more time with themselves and families. It's saddening to see them leave but one can never miss seeing how rejuvenated and rested they are after their departure.

With the arrival of my 2nd baby, I contemplate taking up part-time teaching, but decided against the idea, upon seeing my current colleague who is on a part-time basis and yet goes home at past 6pm every day, bringing tons of scripts home in the sturdy recycling bags to mark in the evenings and over the weekends.

Talking about meetings, I am still trying to figure out why my school has planned for 3 staff meetings to occupy almost the entire of next week's afternoons just before the markings of the EOY exams come in. Do we really have so much things to discuss?

At 5:15 AM, Anonymous thebro said...

I know what you mean about the parttimers exactly. Sometimes I find myself admiring the adjunct lecturers. Here we're about halfway through the semester 'holiday', but I haven't yet got a free week to take leave.

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