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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What soccer widow?

Just as there is sexist advertising assuming women need men to get them a supplementary credit card, there is also, in my opinion, the sexist belief in the existence of soccer widows this month.

Are there no women who love their soccer more than their husbands/boyfriends during this World Cup season? You obviously have not seen me glued to Channel 27 till the wee hours of the morning while my husband and daughter snore away in the bedroom.

I SMS soccer scores to my male friends who either do not have cable or do not have the luxury of enjoying school holidays now and I am quite capable of giving my 2 cents input on a match. And if you even dare ask me if I know what an off-side trap is, you'll have to bear the wrath of my feminist roar!

2 World Cup seasons ago, I was pregnant with L, and I remembered watching matches on projector TVs in pubs with my husband and his drinking buddies. Needless to say, I was quite an oddity there but I reveled in my ability to talk soccer with the guys.

In the last World Cup, I had just finished my Teaching Practice and after the June hols, I went to my new school, and discussed the significance of the World Cup being held in Korea and Japan in my English class. That year, the comprehension passage which I set for the exam was, you guess it, on the World Cup. Also, L was already 4 years old then, and we would watch some of the matches together on TV. L, I discovered, had an uncanny ability to pick the winner in most of the matches. This season, she did it again when she rooted for Australia while I, in my adult smugness, proclaimed Japan the unequivocal winner. Now I don't brush aside her predictions so readily.

After suffering the tedium of 2 weeks of holiday lessons, it is wonderful to be able to stay up to watch the matches, unlike my non-teaching friends who have to work the next day. My elation is short-lived, I know. For when school re-opens, and many people take leave to watch the Finals, I wonder what options I, a teacher who must show good example and hence not pontang school, have?


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Ensui said...

"And if you even dare ask me if I know what an off-side trap is, you'll have to bear the wrath of my feminist roar!"

heh. i like that sentence. :D

yeah, i'm afraid that certain things do not change. like "women need men to get them a supplementary credit card", female 'soccer' fans who know more about david beckham than soccer, and men being the breadwinner of the family. >.<

btw, you should place a couple of bets, based on L's predictions. you might win some money! heh. :D

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Tym said...

Represent! Of course there are women who are not soccer widows. Unfortunately, I am not one of the (though I don't mind idly watching the odd game). And sadly, despite many viewings of Bend It Like Beckham and patient explanations by the husband, I still don't get what is "offside". My brain just won't compute it...

Happy World Cup Watching (even if it means a few zombiefied days when the school term resumes)!!

At 2:06 AM, Blogger domestic rat said...

Hohoho... You must share your little one's predictions on a daily basis!!!

At 9:30 PM, Blogger jeffyen said...

I don't quite understand offside either, here's something that might help :)

Offside For Girls

At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Germs said...

So... i must be a soccerwidower.
On the day of the opening match, the workplace was empty before i could blink my eye. Was wonderful to be able to work in peace & after work to enjoy a nice meal out. On the way home, met some colleagues who asked me if i watched the match. Honest me just blurted out "No, i had better things to do".
Things never change -Apathetic as i have always been abt soccer.
But who knows - things are getting exciting now with my (second)home-team still in the next round.
On the streets, they're chanting " Berlin! Berlin! we're going to Berlin!"
Well well well......

P/S: was wondering what happened to u? nice to have u back.;)


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